Scones Fit for a Queen

Who’s excited about the royal wedding on Friday!? Apparently, not the Americans. Really–only 22 percent of us follow the wedding “somewhat” closely? I think we’re all big fat liars. Come on, don’t you want to know if Sophie Cranston did in fact design Kate’s wedding dress, or if Kate’s sister Pippa manages to get disco balls into the reception at Buckingham Palace? Okay, maybe it’s just me. But there is something undeniably intriguing and romantic about a royal wedding. And if you don’t think so, you may very well have a heart of coal.

In the spirit of all this royal excitement–how cool is this scone recipe from Queen Elizabeth? It comes from the National Archives blog via Matchbook Magazine. Queen Elizabeth served the scones to President Eisenhower during his visit at Balmoral Castle in 1959. According to the National Archives, she later sent Eisenhower the recipe, thus the reason it is now considered a federal record.

{The National Archives Blog}


4 thoughts on “Scones Fit for a Queen

  1. I have a great recipe that uses yogurt and makes it very light and fluffy and delicious for days! Let me know if you would like it! : ) Living in England, but coming from Seattle, I feel it my responsibility to learn to make the best scones possible!

    • You are too sweet, Alice! I would love to take a look–they sound delicious, especially with the yogurt. Honestly, I don’t have the best track record making scones, so I could definitely use some guidance! If you did a post on that some day, I would be the first in line to read it. 🙂

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