Ocean-Inspired Accessories

I am just in love with Tiffany Chou’s oceanic jewelry line which features shells, crabs legs, seahorses, mussels, coral, and more. I especially love the NYC-based designer’s urchin-textured bangles, and the coral cuff. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I discovered her jewelry via Matchbook Magazine, which I cannot speak more highly of. Enjoy!

Images: http://www.tiffanychou.com/

1. Attina in Gold no. 3 Bracelet $240.00
2. Oh My Urchin Bracelet $42.00
3. Cabbages & Kings Necklace$45.00
4. She Shell Necklace $48.00 
5. Listen to the Ocean Necklace $54.00
6. Sleepy Seahorse Necklace $44.00
7. My Fair Coral $240.00
8. On the Rocks Bracelet $125.00; Put a Crab on it Ring $50.00Coral Jr. Bracelet $125.00


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