Penguin Threads

Check out these beautiful embroidered book covers meticulously stitched by artist Jillian Tamaki for the Penguin Threads project. The books will be available October of this year, and I cannot wait! Just thinking about re-reading these classics after so many years is making me weak in the knees. To find out more about Jillian’s work on this project, visit her blog. Have a nice weekend!

The Secret Garden


Black Beauty

Images: Jillian Tamaki 


4 thoughts on “Penguin Threads

  1. So what you’re not going to believe is that I just added a BUNCH of books about exactly this type of project on my wishlist at Amazon and made a request list at the library to start thumbing through the projects and maybe starting my own little projects for Mei. This will be especially handy for making her baby quilt next year when that time comes around. How crazy !!! LOL, I will send you the list or my wishlist link so you can see the titles and have a gander for yourself.

    • I further assert that we are totally on the same wavelength! That is so funny. I don’t know if I will ever have the artistic abilities to do something like this, but I certainly like looking! This type of embroidery would make such a wonderful baby quilt. Also, if you are trying to generate visual ideas for your quilt, you might want to check out I use it for inspiration for some projects I am working on. If you need an invite, just let me know!

  2. This is lovely. Made your rhubarb upside down cake. Delicious but the frozen rhubarb doesn’t look as pretty and the crumbs fell off when I flipped. I tweaked the recipe, excluded the zest (too lazy) and used marg instead of butter and Rich’s whip in place of sour cream. Don’t gag. I know the original is certainly better, but it was yummy this way to and since I keep kosher, it could not be a dessert for a meat meal. Anyway thanks. I want to post it on my blog if you are okay with that.

    • Glad you had a chance to make the cake! You are absolutely welcome to post it on your blog. That is interesting about the crumbs–they should have just set right into the batter when the cake baked. However, I am glad that it still tasted delicious! I am considering buying some rhubarb and cutting and freezing it myself so I can make this recipe in the off-season. That way you have more control over how it will look in the cake. Also, I think it’s great that you made your own tweaks to the recipe–it’s the best way too cook in my opinion. Thanks for giving this a try!

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