Kickstarter Projects I Love

Happy Monday, everyone! By now, many of you have probably heard of the website Kickstarter which helps entrepreneurs raise funds for their creative projects. I love this concept because it disrupts the old school funding model–a space that used to be reserved for venture capitalist firms and rich private investors. Now normal folk like me can contribute funds to everything from documentaries to macron bakeries.

You can pledge any amount of money to the projects you back. In return, you receive some type of gift related to the entrepreneur’s project. What’s not to love! Here are a few of my favorite current Kickstarter projects that I either support or have personally contributed to.

Jacobsen Salt Co.  {High-quality finishing salt harvested on the Oregon coast}

Forage Kitchen {A hub for the Bay Area food community, and a home for artisan food makers}

Kinkajou {An easy to use bottle cutter that can turn used glass bottles into works of art}

KONE Coffee Filter + Brewing System  {Photo etched stainless steel filter and ceramic brewer set}

Nomiku  {An affordable and easy way to cook food sous vide}

Coffee Roasting Cart {Coffee roasting cart + cold press espresso)